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Never Never Be a Bully, Miss Pam

Never Never Be a Bully
Never Never Be a Bully
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Miss Pam
Have you ever tried to teach a lesson to a child? Have you wondered if your child really understood what you were trying to teach him or her? I believe reading a story centering on a safety issue or a life situation would help children to really understand and remember how to avoid dangers in life. I also believe a child would reflect back to the story if a real life situation should arise and to help them to make the right decisions. This story will help teach your child that being a bully is wrong, and is not the way you should treat your friends and school mates. If the situation was turned and the bully was now the one being bullied, how would that feel? This is what happened to Peter who was a bully to all the students at his school. He had a terrible summer experience where he actually was the one being bullied. Peter could not believe how this behavior hurt him. It made him wonder if the kids at his school were sad and hurt like he was when he bullies them. Peter could not wait for school to start so he could apologize to all the kids that he bullied. He also wanted the kids to know that they should never accept this behavior from anyone. He told all the kids to always tell their parents and teachers when someone was bullying them. Peter thought he was just teasing the kids at school, but this experience made him realize that he was really a bully. Peter did not want to hurt anyone again so he made a decision to Never Never Be A Bully
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Never Never Be a Bully, Miss Pam
Never Never Be a Bully, Miss Pam
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